In fact writing is not much for me, my thing is cooking. Kitchens are the aquarium I swim in since I was 16. And believe me, it’s not lack of humility, if after all the slaps , mistakes, and lessons learned in blood, sweat and tears, I am not able to cook, then I’ll pack my bags and go home.

I was lucky to have great masters during all those years. For example, I still make the jus like I learned in Hoffman School , or when plating , I can still see Carles Gaig´s fingerprints on some of those dishes. Those are indelible signs of identity that make me who I am. They are indeed some of my tattoos.

Time passed and kitchens changed. Also the location changed, from Barcelona to Huesca. And after all those years of learning I decided it was time to go for an own project. For me it was time for Tatau.

Tonino Valiente, Cooker.

tonino valiente tatau huesca